Caviar Information for Caviar Lovers

How to Eat Caviar

If you run in circles where caviar servers and names like Petrossian, Osetra, Romanoff, and Beluga are commonplace, then you probably know that learning how to eat caviar is important. If tradition is followed and the hosts of a party really know how to serve caviar, you will come across a two-piece set that contains the delicacy and takes good care of it. This is a caviar server. The bottom piece contains ice to keep the caviar in the top bowl chilled. A mother of pearl spoon is traditionally used to eat caviar, but horn, gold, and wood spoons may also be used.

The delicacy is usually consumed plain, without the addition of spices and herbs. To appreciate the flavor of the delicacy, eat it in very small amounts. If the flavor is too intense for you, spread it on blini or bread. It is also recommended to keep cooking caviar to a minimum, if possible. This will ruin the roe, according to connoisseurs who have a wealth of knowledge on how to eat caviar. It is best to use it as a garnish to dishes or to add it toward the end of preparation in caviar recipes. This is the case if you are using high-quality sturgeon caviar like Beluga, Osetra, or Sevruga that come from the Caspian and Black Seas. Other inexpensive varieties like capelin caviar can be more readily used in grilling and baking. The precise instructions on how to eat caviar do not hold true for the alternatives.