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Caviar by Origin: Russian, Iranian, California

When it comes to the origin of caviar, nothing compares to Caspian Sea caviar. It is the original and includes varieties like Beluga, Osetra, and Sevruga. These famous varieties come from sturgeon-the source of authentic caviar. The prices of these types can go quite high, but their quality and taste is unsurpassed. Classified as Russian and Iranian caviar, they are the leaders. However, due to overfishing, these jewels of the sea are threatened. The valuable sturgeons that made Persian and Russian caviar famous are endangered today and exports of their fish roe are limited. This phenomenon promoted the growth and success of caviar that comes from sturgeon in California. Yes, that is true. California caviar is quite a competitor. This is not always welcome news to the traditional connoisseur. While some people do not accept any variety besides Russian or Persian caviar, others are open to trying California caviar. It does have many fans. Still, some people argue that farmed caviar in California cannot compare to authentic Caspian malossol caviar. It is all a matter of preference. It would be a good idea to learn more about caviar by origin and see if you adhere strictly to tradition or are open to novelty.

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